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Mature content
Dragon Twins: Model Sheets :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 441 34
Zandire's Letters 1
Dear Elise,
I have chosen to write this letter in the cipher we used as kids so you and only you can read it on the off chance that it falls into the wrong hands.  As it turns out, there is a chance that I may be away from home longer than I thought.  I do not know how long I shall be gone, but I ask that you tell mother and father that I am on important business.  I promise that I will write to you daily, but please, do not divulge the contents of these letters to anyone else.
As you are aware, I received a letter recently asking for my help in exchange for aid in defeating an ancient vampiric menace.  As it turns out, I was summoned by a certain Sir Pendalton.  You would not remember him; last time he was at our estate you had not yet been born.  Much to my surprise, the gentleman is a werewolf.  He summoned me along with three others to aid him with a problem.  Apparently the four of us specifically were ordered for by a soothsayer.  And
:iconmedula-oblongata:Medula-Oblongata 1 4
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Go Tigers Part 2
As the game began, the tigers and the bears battled fiercely, but neither side could keep the lead for very long, and the crowd grew wild as they watched the boys in red and the boys in brown tear up the court.
   But Rebecca wasn't really watching the game, she was having fun of her own. With Miss Winters at her side, she stalked around the gym, striking poses and waving at people, and acting silly when they waved back.
   Several of her fellow student high-fived her as she passed, and she paused with two of them so they could get selfies. Chucking to herself, Rebecca gave them both bunny ears.
   One little boy began crying as she approached, so Rebecca stopped to play peek-a-boo with him until he started laughing, which earned her a grateful smile from the boy's mother.
   A trio of middle school girls ran over to hug Oslo and one even dragged her parents over. Rebecca made a show of flirting with the girl's mother, bending over to kiss her ha
:icondactys:Dactys 6 6
''Oh Crap'' :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 683 38 Blade Under Mask - 78 :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 331 35 Blade Under Mask: Kurohasu :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 265 17 Dragon Twins - Doodles II :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 594 23 Blade Under Mask - 77 :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 338 69


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This is just a wish for you all to have a happy Valentine's Day. Express your love and affection as you are able, and enjoy it!

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Based on the sequence of images titled ‘Comission TFTG Liliraune 2’ drawn by :iconibenz009:, and commissioned by :iconage1234:. All credit for original art and concept go to them.

Broken Secrets, Sprouting Love

Please read description before reading on.

If you were to ask Sirova Dalton what is the worst thing to have, he would say, ‘A secret’. There are two reasons for this.

First, Sirova isn’t a good liar. He’s had a curse of cowardice all his life, always choosing the safest option. He tells himself time and again that this is to protect himself, and everyone around him. If someone gets hurt because Sirova kept something important from being said, he’ll never forgive himself. It doesn’t matter if that person is a stranger, or a friend; to Sirova, everyone should be honest in what they say and do.

Second, Sirova isn’t a good social speaker. The high school he goes to, several kilometers in a nearby city to his home, is one that focuses on academic success over other achievements. Sirova chose that school so he can get good grades, not worrying about ‘parties’ or ‘get-togethers’ with friends.

Of course, you need good grades in order to pursue a complex career; Sirova wants to be a biologist, so it’s natural that he should know as much as he can about the subject. He is also aware of the classic scientist trope of shunning all social interactions, and doesn’t mind it being applied to him.

Sirova has never heard his parents outright reject his ideals. His extended family doesn’t seem to care, either; the most curious people are his two cousins from Japan, Tara Megami and Harry Itagara. Those two certainly are curious for middle-school students. Whenever Sirova saw them together, he knew they had many, many secrets they kept to themselves.

However, Sirova has his own secret. But, it’s a secret related to his studies, so it’s different than simple ‘friendship secrets’ like the ones his cousins have.

A little more than a year ago, Sirova found an abandoned greenhouse with clear glass walls at the end of a forest path outside of town. Inside was a collection of different plants that he could reference in his textbooks. This was good to Sirova; a first-hand experience as to how these plants lived and grew would help with his studies.

Of course, the students Sirova works alongside, or against, in his classes weren’t welcome here. No one was, because Sirova feared his little garden would be damaged, or exploited, by someone else. When Sirova found the place, it looked like it had been abandoned for years; no one else probably knew about it. So, Sirova was content with his knowledge because he wasn’t technically keeping a secret from anyone. As long as no other person came here, Sirova was free to study as he pleased.

Three weeks ago, Sirova’s studies took a drastic turn for the worse.

He doesn’t know why he didn’t see it sooner. An unknown plant, something the books don’t mention at all, sprouted up among the recognizable flora with amazing speed. Maybe it had been planted by someone else? Maybe it was a mutation from several nearby plants spreading their seeds and pollen together? Whatever the case, it grew up next to a small stream that flowed through and out of the greenhouse to a nearby river. It might have used the water to speed up its growth, Sirova can’t tell for certain.

Soon enough, the sprout turned into a giant lily with white petals and red nectar. It shrouded itself amongst the nearby plants, only blooming open when Sirova arrived on his daily schedule. Red dust soon coated its petals, forming a cloud whenever it ‘welcomed’ Sirova’s arrival. Sirova kept it alive, because it seemed to know to keep itself secret from prying eyes, and it kind of treated him like a friend. Well, as far as a plant can treat a human as a friend.

Four days ago, the ‘friendly’ lily tried to eat him.

That damn red dust—pheromones, he suspects—drugged his senses, slowed his reactions. The only way he got away was when the lily wrapped a vine tightly around his neck to hold his head in place. The fear from being choked gave him enough strength to break free, run out of the greenhouse, and lock the door behind him.

He fled to his grandparent’s place, located at an old folk’s home within the nearby city. The hubbub of city life helped calm him down, but the image of the lily never left his mind. He spent most of his waking moments racking his brain to develop a reason for why lily developed a predatory instinct.

Did it see a carnivorous plant, like a Venus Flytrap, and somehow evolved to match that state? Or, was it a flesh-eating plant all along?

One fact stays with all of Sirova’s question, though; the lily is still there, in that greenhouse. He needs to get rid of it, or at least figure out what’s made it act this way.

This is his secret, and he needs to solve it.

Sirova’s gut clenches when he sees a window near the greenhouse’s door hanging open. Someone’s been here, tested the door, and then found another way in. Sirova’s secret has been discovered, and he doesn’t know whether the person who got in might still be inside.

Things gets even worse when he finds a scrap of paper on the ground, almost covered by a bush. Two words cover the page: “HELP ME”. Those words are enough for Sirova to climb through the window and into the greenhouse. If someone needs his help, he is willing to give it.

He doesn’t know who got inside, but it seems like they’re in danger. His brain starts crafting various prison sentences as he lands back in the building’s heat and light.

Sirova looks around at the plants he once cared for, his pace quick and determined. A few of the older plants have begun to wilt or wither in his absence, but that isn’t important to him. The greenhouse’s heat makes his clothes cling to his skin. Maybe he shouldn’t have come in jeans and his high school football shirt. Maybe he should have come with a weed clipper.

No, a weed clipper wouldn’t be enough to stop the lily. But, he doesn’t want to risk something like a flamethrower, because it would probably start a forest fire. That would certainly draw people’s attention, even though it might burn the greenhouse down as well. But, again, Sirova really doesn’t want to threaten other people with his secret.

After a moment to analyze his thoughts, Sirova decides the best he can do right now is a checkup. The very least he needs to know is if the lily has grown any further while he was gone. Sirova’s body shivers as he feels sweat run down his back; sweat he knows is from his fear. How much stronger has the lily become in the past few days?

Suddenly, Sirova hears very human sounds; kissing lips, light groans, and heavier moans that clearly convey arousal. These mix with strange squirts that make him think he’s walking in on some kind of pornographic scene. While his common sense tells him to leave this alone, the fear of that damn lily attacking whatever is making this noise draws him closer.

Sirova peeks through a clump of leaves near where the sounds come from, but the leaves block out most of the scene from his eyes. The best he can make out are two women with beautifully-shaped bodies making out with each other. Sirova feels a lump in his throat as the women clasp hands whilst kissing, their eyes closed in obvious pleasure.

Another squirt directs Sirova’s attention to something next to the women. He shifts his position as best he can, ignoring several stabs in his side from the protesting branches. His eyes widen as a long vine with a flower’s bulb at the end fires a jet of syrup-like liquid onto the women’s bodies. They shiver from its touch, like they enjoy the feeling of that stuff.

Sirova’s arousal is replaced by a growing worry as he tries to contemplate how the plant life is responding to human lovemaking. This isn’t like anything he read in a textbook! He swallows down the lump in his throat and backs away from his vantage point. Those two can keep at their lovemaking; he’s got to find, and uproot, a lily.

It takes a few steps for Sirova to get around the bushes, but he stops at a strange smell in the air. This smell makes his movements sluggish, slows his senses down. But, it also has a sharp, spicy tang that gives him energy, like from a sugar rush.

His textbook knowledge comes back as his feet step forward without his control, towards the two kissing women. He recognizes this scent; a pheromone, designed to attract other creatures to closer contact with the plant. Cold fear clashes against the scent’s warmth as Sirova steps into the larger clearing.

The image from before is now fully revealed. The two women carry some odd features that only add to their beauty. They both have light-green skin, with darker-green leaves around their wrists, arms, and neck. Their hair is a bright pink, their body shapes curved in all the right places. One woman is bustier than the other, with longer hair that trails down her bare back. That back faces Sirova, the skinnier woman locked in pleasured embrace with closed eyes.

Sirova looks down at the women’s legs, and stops as he sees those legs disappear into a pool of thick, red nectar. The pool lies inside a set of large white petals, which are part of a very large lily that Sirova recognizes all too easily. He looks back up at the women, and only now notices the smaller white flowers that poke out of their heads. They bloom in the sunlight, and in their host’s revelry.

Hosts. That’s right, these two women are no longer human. They’ve become bonded to the lily, allowed it to grow onto their bodies like a parasite. Sirova has no idea as to how this bonding process took place; the closest thing he read about in his textbooks was plant seeds growing in people’s stomachs. These plant-women are on a level straight out of science fiction!

Suddenly, Sirova realizes he’s being watched. It’s the thinner woman; she looks at him with blazing red eyes. Then, she cracks a predatory smile as she pulls back from her partner’s embrace. The other woman sighs in disappointment. She eventually turns around to face Sirova, her eyes the exact same shade of red as her partner’s. Once she sees who’s looking at her, she also gives the exact same smile.

“Well well,” the bustier woman chides as she stands fully upright in the nectar pool. “What’s a man like you doing just standing there? Aren’t you excited by our passion?”

“Yes,” the lither woman adds in with a calmer smile. “Don’t be afraid, human. You didn’t insult us by interrupting our lovemaking. Actually, you’ve made it all the better: we’d just love to see what you’ve got under that clothing.”

Sirova recognizes those voices; they’re very human, and very familiar to him. The paper note drops from his hand as his eyes widen to an extreme degree. He can’t believe it, but he also can’t deny the possibility of who these two people are.

“Holy fuck,” he says as he takes a step back in panic. “What the hell did that plant do to you two?” The two women pause, their smiles fading as their eyes glaze over. However, they smile even wider a second later. Sirova’s heart pounds in his chest at their new, predatory expressions.

“Oh, please, Cousin Sirova,” the transformed Harry Itagara says as two of the lily’s flowers begin to spray red pheromones into the air. “We aren’t any worse than before. In fact, I speak for us both when I say we’ve been made better by what’s happened to us.

"We realize who we really are: sibling lovers bonded together by passions we’ve kept secret from each other for years. Our appearance shows just how much we care for each other, especially now that we think and act as one being.”

“We are as happy as we could ever be,” the transformed Tara Megami continues as the pheromones turn into a misty cloud of red. “But, we are always welcome for more people to participate in our fun; what better way to express our love than with others? We especially like young, fertile males like you, family or not.”

Sirova raises his hands up as a few vines extend towards him from the lily’s sides, like when it tried to swallow him whole. The two cousins speak the same words together: “Join us, Sirova. Let us take you to a new level of pleasure…”

“No,” Sirova shouts as a pair of vines wrap tightly around his arms. “Get away from me!”

Desperation makes him tug against his bonds all the harder as he takes as he tries to run away. The vines overpower his strength and pull him ever closer towards the plant. Both Harry and Tara extend their hands to him, a welcoming gesture made sinister.

Sirova digs his shoes into the ground, desperately tries to find any sort of ground to get away. Primal fear gives him superhuman strength, but the lily’s tendrils just get stronger. Each breath Sirova takes fills his lungs with more of that red nectar, those pheromones. With each breath, his strength saps a bit more, which he realizes as he is slowly dragged to the lily against his will.

“Don’t be afraid, Sirova,” Harry explains without losing her smile, “We aren’t going to hurt you. Pleasure is never painful if you truly love your partner.”

“We welcome you with open arms, cousin,” Tara says, and her arms actually open to reveal her beautiful body. “We embrace you as a family member, and as the person who brought our passion to life.”

“No…” Sirova gets out through clenched teeth and short breaths. “It’s that… goddamn lily!”

“The lily opened our eyes to the truth,” Harry states with a clear voice. “We’ve always loved each other, but never had the courage to express it. You’ll understand once you accept your creation’s care.”

Sirova doesn’t believe a word of what these two are saying. This has to be the lily’s doing, no doubt about it. He can’t accept the possibility that whatever’s happened to his cousins is permanent; he doesn’t want to take the blame for human deaths. He twists his head away from the lily and its hosts in the hopes to gain some extra ground.

The vines around his arms suddenly whip out, twisting his body back so that all he can see is the regular, the safe, shrubbery and fauna. They seem so far away, but he knows he could just reach out and grab them. They can help him escape.

So, why doesn’t he want to grab them?

The answer comes as a pair of warm hands knead into his shoulders. The red pheromones are so thick that Sirova swears he’s breathing more of them out of his mouth. How much of this stuff has he breathed in during the last few seconds? How much can he take without being—?

Oh. Oooh. The fingers on Sirova’s shoulders suddenly start to massage his tired muscles, removing all the kinks his worries have put there. It feels far too good to ignore. A shuddering breath escapes his lips as his terror becomes dazed confusion.

“Just relax, cousin,” Tara whispers into his ear as the massage continues. “Let my fingers remove your fears and your worries. You don’t need to be afraid of us.”

Sirova can’t speak back; his body is putty for her hands, and the lily’s vines as they lift him off the ground. Tara’s fingers stay on his shoulders as another pair of hands wrap around his legs and lift them up, and over, the lily’s petals. He barely feels a cold tingle as his feet and legs are lowered into the red nectar pool.

“This…” Sirova grins in a bizarre mix of fear and pleasure as Tara and Harry rub their hands along his arms. “This is crazy. You’re my cousins. We can’t do this.”

“Shh, shh,” Harry whispers as her hands slip beneath the pool’s surface. “Don’t worry about that anymore. Just let us take care of you. We’ll keep you safe.”

“We want you to love us like family,” Tara chimes in as her hands start to pull Sirova’s shirt up and over his head. “Even though we’re just cousins, I’m sure your male instincts are wanting to have your way with us.”

“No,” Sirova croaks out with much less strength than before as he feels fingers rub around his waist. “The lily’s controlling you. You don’t really feel like this.”

“Alright,” Harry states with a click of her tongue, “I’ll prove it!”

Just as Sirova’s shirt is pulled over his head, Harry mashes her lips against his own. His eyes widen as much as possible in shock at this action. He’s too drugged up on pheromones to smack her across the face, or even struggle. His subconscious screams that this is incest, you damn idiot, but his body doesn’t respond.

Tara’s mirthful laugh breaks through the sound of his heartbeat. His shirt comes off to reveal his young-adult body to the transformed cousins. Harry rubs a hand along his bare chest; Sirova’s heart beats a mile a minute at the skin-to-inhuman skin contact.

“Ah, he’s blushing!” Tara comments as she finishes removing Sirova’s shirt. “Well done, sister!”

Sister? WAit, that doesn’t make sense, does it? Isn’t ‘Harry’ a boy’s name? Did this transformation change his gender? Why didn't he keep calling Harry a boy in his mind? For that matter, how did this lily manage to convert someone’s genes?!

Harry, or the female version of Harry, keeps Sirova’s mouth locked to her own as her left hand clasps Sirova’s right. She leans into the kiss, her bare breasts pressing into Sirova’s skin. Sirova’s jeans feel uncomfortably tight all of a sudden, but Harry starts a battle of tongues before he can try to figure out why.

Sirova’s eyes move to Harry’s hair, his brain taking note that it’s close to the same length as it was when Harry was human. He also sees the two white flowers from earlier move around the nectar pool. They drip nectar from their buds, as if reacting to the erotic scene playing out before them.

Does that mean the lily is reacting, also? The scientific part of Sirova’s brain desperately tries to figure this out, but fails to come up with a satisfying answer.

Harry finally breaks the kiss; a trail of red nectar that makes Sirova’s tongue tingle hangs between them for a second. Her hands rub along Sirova’s bare chest with delicate strokes, like his skin is fine china or porcelain. Her bare breasts press against his nipples, which makes him stifle a gasp of unexpected pleasure. Harry certainly notices this by the near-drunken smile she gives.

“That was amazing to watch,” Sirova hears Tara huskily whisper into his left ear. “I imagine it felt even better. That’s the kind of pleasure we now share, Sirova. That’s the pleasure you’ll always feel, once you let your creation join with you.”

“Join…?” Sirova’s voice sounds like a baby to his ears compared to the inhuman beauties around him. He can’t remember why this is, anymore. He wants this pleasure to continue, but there’s a nagging tick that tells him this isn’t real pleasure.

“Yes,” Tara continues as Harry rubs the stem of the lily next to her. “Harry and I are joined by our passion. We are also joined to the lily you helped grow and thrive. Now, it wants to show you its care. We both know you deserve it.”

“Let’s cut to the chase, sister,” Harry says as the flower stem she rubs spits some fresh nectar on her breasts. “We don’t need to delay this any longer.”

Sirova gasps as Tara suddenly squeezes his waist with a piercing grip. His words are cut off as the white, nectar-dripping flower presses against his mouth. Cold, spicy liquid coats his tongue and slides down his throat. Sirova gags from the sudden entry, but that just pushes some of the goop up his nose and makes his throat burn like he just burped up some stomach acid.

“Hold him, sister,” Sirova hears Tara command as she now grabs his arms. “He’s resisting!”

Sirova suddenly screams through the lily as he feels a hand rub right along his member. Harry is the obvious culprit, due to the dark grin she makes at him.

“He’s also throbbing,” the former male notes as she stares into Sirova’s eyes. “So, our cousin has a secret fetish!”

Sirova tries to voice his denial, but the lily blocks his mumbles with even more nectar. There’s so much by now that he might actually vomit it back up. His stomach is certainly bubbling and twisting from the strange liquid.

Then, some chemical reaction triggers inside Sirova’s body. At the push of some unseen button, the cold nectar turns warm and comforting. Sirova actually feels the change, but he can’t do anything about it. Tara’s got his arms locked, Harry’s hand is still rubbing his dick, and both of them are pressing their bodies against his. He can’t move, or want to move.

“It’s happening!” Tara comments with a quick gasp. “The joining’s begun!”

“As expected, Tara,” Harry replies as Sirova’s vision starts to blur. “But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our cousin needs our support.”

Sirova can barely hear their words. He only hears, and feels, his heartbeat. He has to actually force his eyes to look down at his naked upper body. His brain floats in a pool of pleasure and warmth. Thoughts are hard to make; it’s so much easier to just feel things.

One thing that Sirova certainly feels is a ripple of energy that flows through every muscle. His chest and rear twitch, bubble, and grow. Sirova silently stares as a pair of large breasts sprout from his chest. His expanding rear also bumps into Tara’s legs beneath the nectar pool.

Sirova’s vision turns pink as a few strands of hair float in front of his eyes. Those strands are also pink, which doesn’t seem surprising. It’s better to just soak in the facts with the never-ending flow of sweet nectar that the lily—his lily—gives him. He deserves it, right? He shouldn’t focus on the problems, just pleasure.

No, a fading piece of his mind shouts in an echo chamber, There’s more to life than pleasure. There’s more to you than loving others. Get out of this trance and do the right thing!

The resistance gets weaker as four hands rub and caress his new skin. The close contact from their actions gives tremendous pleasure. Sirova can’t hear the words they say, but they add to the warmth and good feelings the nectar gives him. It’s too much pleasure to fight against, especially since his cousins are doing this to him.

What remains of his conscience thought tries to swim against a tide of warmth, pleasure, and love. It gasps as nectar pushes it down. Its hands reach out to grasp something, but it only gets air. All of Sirova’s studies are pushed beneath the nectar’s pleasure, and the pleasure of his transformed cousins. He can’t fight it, it’s too late now.

His lily is too strong. His cousins are too strong. Their love for him is too strong.

Sirova shudders as he surrenders to the lily’s influence. Nectar bubbles out of his mouth and nostrils as his vision fully turns to pink. His head bobs, but the flower in his mouth holds it in place. He feels like he’s eaten a five-course meal of everything he absolutely wanted. He doesn’t want to move, or break away, from the embrace.

A few moments later, the flower breaks off first. The vine stretches back to leave Sirova’s mouth hanging open. Nectar drools from his mouth as he takes slow, soft breaths. The air is supercharged with the lily’s pheromones, and his mouth is still soaked in the nectar. He feels the pleasure all over again, and doesn’t resist its touch at all.

“Well done, Sirova,” Tara whispers into his left ear. “I’m so glad you chose to come home to us. We love you, and want you to remember that.”

“Let your love free, cousin,” Harry adds into his right ear as a hand strokes his chin. “You cared for this plant, and it wants to care for you as well. It wants to love you, like us. We always liked you, Sirova, but you always kept away from the family. We never had a chance to talk to you, much less play with you.”

“Play…” Sirova repeats as more nectar drips from between his lips. He continues to say single words like, “Love…” and “Care…” as hands rub along his new hair and new body. The lily’s flowers hover nearby as more nectar drips from their stems. Sirova doesn’t care that they’re watching.

Suddenly, the lily shakes. Sirova’s senses clear a bit as Tara and Harry move away from him. A hand grips his hair and tilts his gaze up to the greenhouse ceiling. A giant vine, possibly an extension of the lily’s roots, hangs over the three. It slowly shifts back and forth, and catches Sirova’s gaze. He stares, hypnotized, at the vine for many, many heartbeats.

Then, the vine comes to Sirova, wrapping around his body. It squeezes against his breasts without crushing them, rubs his genitals without scratching them. Sirova senses that his member has been replaced with a slit between his legs, but he’s too pleasure-soaked to care.

“The joining is almost complete,” Harry informs Sirova with a final rub along one of his breasts. “The last bit is the most important. You’ll need to be away from us for the night, but the lily has prepared a special place just for you.”

“Just let your creation join with you,” Tara continues as the vine starts to pull Sirova out of the pool. “Then, you’ll feel the love and care that we share with each other, and with you. You will only feel pleasure—the greatest pleasure you’ve ever had. See you soon!”

Sirova sighs as the vine lifts him from the pool, wrapped in its tight embrace. His legs shift slightly as they leave the pool’s warm touch. Nectar trails down his body, and back into the pool. Tara and Harry look up with wide eyes and grinning mouths. They’re so happy for him. Why did he try to reject this?

The vine carries Sirova away from his cousins, into a separate area of the greenhouse. It stops over a giant rose that blooms open to reveal another pool of red nectar. Sirova feels the lily’s care extend from the rose, even though it isn’t the same plant. The pool looks so comfortable to his entranced mind as he remembers the warmth he felt in the embrace of his cousins.

The vine suddenly drops him, and he lands feet-first into the pool with a loud, wet splosh. Nectar flies over the petals and splatters the surrounding dirt. Sirova tenses as this new nectar covers his legs; his new vaginal slit tingles from the close contact. He surrenders to the plant’s embrace all over again.

The rose responds by embracing him, as well. The petals rise up around him, blocking out any outside source of light. Tara and Harry aren’t anywhere to be seen, but he doesn’t mind. He’s got the rose—his rose—and that’s all that matters right now.

Something stabs through the side of Sirova’s head. Pain breaks through all the rose’s pleasure. For an instant, Sirova realizes just what inhuman seduction he’s fallen for.

A terrified squeak leaves his mouth as the last petal slides into place. No human hears his final sound, and then the rose’s scent and nectar drag him back into pleasure.

Hours go by in the greenhouse. The rose soaks in as much sunlight as it can for the rest of the day, its petals shut tight. No other plant, or bonded humans, venture near it. Not even the colder night air affects it once the sun sets; the only action it makes is a small ripple along its petals every hour or so. An observer would think of this flower like a giant cocoon or pod, if they knew just what was inside.

The greenhouse’s other occupants keep the place alive and well for the day. They continue to spread the lily’s influence to the four glass walls. This includes enriching the soil, pollenating the plants the lily considers important, and helping new plants be birthed into the world.

Tara and Harry couldn’t be happier. Their cousin will soon be like them, or even greater. After all, Sirova had helped the lily grow; he was the first human to see it. He was also the first human to feel its effects, and to escape from them. Now, he’s the third human to be transformed by it.

But, they can't fully block out the human emotion of doubt.

“Do you think Sirova will be alright?” Tara asks this to Harry as night falls over the greenhouse. “I can’t stop feeling worried about him, despite what we said.”

“I’m worried, too, sister,” Harry agrees. “But, I’m confident he’ll want to help us once he wakes up. Did you see how much he wanted to help us when he walked in on our lovemaking?”

“He wanted to save us, Harry,” Tara corrects. “He thought the lily was controlling us, or something like that. He thought it was evil.” Tara looks into Harry’s red eyes as she then asks, “What does that mean for us?”

Harry doesn’t answer immediately. She hugs her sister and holds her close as the lily’s petals begin to cover them for the night. Tara accepts her embrace, the acceptance that she shares with Harry as a sibling, and a lover.

“We’ll figure this out,” Harry whispers into Tara’s ear. “Sirova is now a part of our family. Besides, I’m quite sure our lily won’t kill off the person who made it. Nothing about this is ‘evil’; it’s all in the name of love.”

Tara smirks as she mutters, “You know-it-all.” She then boops her finger on Harry’s nose, and the lily shrouds them in a comforting embrace.

The Sun’s rays strike the rose petals as a new day dawns. The plant quickly responds and blooms open to accept the solar energy. It drinks in the light like the juice of the gods, splaying itself out to take as much as possible. Its larger vines extend across the nearby soil and windows, eager to spread out further. The greenhouse comes to life along with it, ready to grow and thrive until the night falls once again.

Sirova slowly opens her eyes as she wakes up from a long sleep. She instantly feels a series of sensations she never knew before, love being chief among them.

Her rose feels like a bed to her limbs, the air supercharged with the pollen of countless plants blending together. She feels strong enough to run several miles without stopping. But, she instead chooses to reflect on what she’s become.

First off, she’s amazed that she still has her mind intact. She still has all her knowledge of biology, all her years of study as a human. She remembers her human life, and the family she spent time with. She remembers building this garden; now, she’s a part of it.

The only things that are different are one fact, and two ‘commands’. The fact is that she constantly thinks of herself as female. She doesn’t find that too upsetting, since it’s just a change in gender.

The ‘commands’ are more concerning. She can’t find the will to disobey them. She can express thoughts against them, but she can’t take any action. She just… can’t.

The first of these ‘commands’ is simple, and to the point: she can’t harm the rose she stands in, or the lily she helped bring to life. She also can’t harm Tara and Harry, since they are bonded to the lily that Sirova helped create.

This makes some sense to Sirova as she looks at her reflection in a nearby stream of water. She quickly notes how sexualized her new female body is as she moves around in the nectar pool.

She has no prior knowledge of how large breasts or buttocks can be, but hers are large enough to easily be arousing. Her new vagina twitches with newfound lust, possibly more than his former penis and testicles experienced. Her ears are long and pointed, like a classic elf from fantasy lore. Her eyes are a bloody shade of red that match the roses, and rose petals, along her body.

Small roses rest on the back of her hands, at the nape of her neck, and on the side of her head. Green leaves coat her legs, arms, breasts, and neck like parts of a sweater. Smaller lines of green leaves splay down her waist in a pattern that further emphasizes her curves to anyone who would watch her.

She turns away from her reflection as she thinks about the second ‘command’: She must help cultivate his greenhouse further, while keeping the existence of herself and her kind secret.

This command is more difficult to understand, since Sirova is technically bonded to this rose. First, it’s ironic that the rose wants to keep its existence a secret. Sirova was already doing that as a human, so this transformation seems unnecessary. She didn’t need to be bonded with the rose to understand that.

Contrary to her earlier thoughts, the rose isn’t exactly a parasite. It’s more like a mutual relationship between her and the plant, something Sirova had studied in her former biology courses.

But, Sirova doesn’t know she can best ‘cultivate’ the plants. When she was human, she used the tips in gardening she’s studied to keep them healthy and happy, by human standards. So, what does a human-plant hybrid do?

As if to offer a hint, Sirova hears giggles and whispers from across the stream. She turns that way and looks over a small clump of bushes. Tara and Harry are there, smiling at a small lily inside their lily’s pool. The new lily has a smaller sky blue flower, something Sirova hasn’t ever seen grow when he was a human.

Those two… they look so happy,’ Sirova reflects as her fingers twitch with the desire to do something helpful. ‘They found out my secret, and are happy about it. They don’t mind being inhuman hybrids.

What remains of Sirova’s textbook knowledge doesn’t know much about psychology, so she can’t think of a reason as to why they’re thinking that way.

They have each other to trust, and love,' she then realizes. 'All I had was fear and worry of my secret, and my studies.

She can still feel this worry in her chest, taste it on her new tongue. This change hasn’t removed her human emotions, just fused them with a primeval sense of protection. She has to keep this place safe, but she also wants it to grow and thrive like a mother animal tends to their young.

But, how can she make this garden grow without attracting the wrong kind of attention?

A scrap of paper catches Sirova’s eye. It’s within her reach to pick up, so she does so. She recognizes it instantly. Her hands shake as she reads the two simple words that convey the very message she found outside the greenhouse. She doesn’t know how it got here, and she doesn’t care. It’s just what she needs.

The sunlight bounces off the side of a glass bottle half-buried into the soil; another thing Sirova can use. Sirova extends her hand out to the object, and one of the rose’s vines actually moves in tandem with her mental desire. The vine plucks the bottle up from the dirt, and brings it to her. If the rose knows what she’s doing, it doesn’t seem to mind.

Up close, the bottle has a cork fastened on top, which she easily pops off with a good tug. There’s barely any dirt or grime inside, only a whiff of stale air. This bottle has been here for a long time; maybe the previous owner of the greenhouse left it here?

I may not be able to leave this place anymore,’ Sirova reflects as she gives the note a deep kiss and breathes her transformed scent all over it, ‘but, that doesn’t mean my message can’t reach others.

She slips the scented note inside the bottle, recorks it, and uses the vine to drop it into the stream. The water’s flow is strong enough to carry it out of the greenhouse.

The river will carry her message beyond where she can physically go. Her hope lies with it.

Sirova turns toward the sunlight, her new cells conducting photosynthesis to gain new energy. Her still-human emotions switch back and forth between the desire to let others into her newfound love, and a hope to keep others away for their own safety. She clasps her hands together in a silent prayer.

“Listen,” Sirova whispers to the Sun, “I failed to keep this secret safe. I put other people in danger; it’s made all the worse because they’re my cousins. Even though they turned out fine, this safety won’t last for much longer. I know our families will soon come looking for us, and they’ll eventually find us out. We’re bound to this place, to these plants. Once they discover us…”

Tears seep from Sirova’s eyes as gut-wrenching pictures come to her mind. Her cousins chopped into fertilizer amidst a pile of lily petals. The garden set ablaze, the fire spreading to the surrounding forest as her rose turns to black ash. Sirova’s still-human family members hunted down by the government, probably interrogated and tested on for inhuman genetics.

“I don’t want my cousins to suffer because of my mistake,” Sirova eventually pleads to the golden ball of light in the sky. “So, if anyone finds that note, if the scented kiss I gave is enough to spark their curiosity, then I ask only one thing of them."

She takes a deep breath before she states her hope: "Please, make sure their hearts, and feelings, are pure. We offer only love, pleasure, and care; if someone is willing to trade their life for that, then let them come here and experience true pleasure.”

Sirova closes her eyes and clears her mind of her human concerns. It’s a lot easier to do than she thought, a possible side-effect of her bond to the rose. Her fears and worries fade to the side, and are replaced with a sense of duty and respect to the natural world.

She was close to it as a human; now, she is one with nature, and she absolutely loves it.
Broken Secrets, Sprouting Love: Commission Story
Hello, all! This is a commission story to the image sequence 'Liliraune TFTG 2', commissioned by :iconage1234: and drawn by :iconibenz009:. All credit for the artwork, and original character concepts, goes to them. I have the permission of both these people to write this story.

This is ALSO a sequel to the story, 'Blooming Passion, Sweetest Nectar' that I wrote before, which you can find here: Blooming Passion, Sweetest Nectar: Commission Work. I strongly advise you check out that story before reading this one, so you can properly understand the relationship between the characters in this work.

Please also note that this story is written as I see the artwork. There are other interpretations that people can have, and I do not object to differing points of view.

As is usual with my work, any constructive criticism, feedback, and comments are appreciated. Also, please check out :iconibenz009: and :iconage1234: for additional artwork.

Enjoy the story!
To all who read this,

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Please let me know whether you wish to see more chapters of this fanfiction be posted. I won't be upset if more of you choose not to.

To all who read this, I wish you a Happy New Year in 2017! Thank you for your feedback on my work in the previous year. May this year be filled with beautiful and amazing art from all of us!

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